The Journal of Popular and American Culture

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Volume 04: 1995

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An Editor’s Observations … and a Complaint on the 25th Anniversary of the PCA
Ralph Donald
University of Tennessee at Martin

It’s No More to Speak: Genre, the Insufficiency of Language, and the Improbability of Definition in Art Spiegelman’s Maus
Edward A. Shannon
North Carolina State University

Goldberg, Guinan and the Celestial Mother In Star Trek: The Next Generation
Rhonda V. Wilcox
Gordon College

No Male Frontal Nudity: The Denial of Female Fetishism in Hollywood Cinema
Gwendolyn A. Foster
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Music, Drama and Horsemanship! Hippodrama in the Circuses of Antebellum New York State
Jack Hrkach
Ithaca College

Advertising as High Art
Dennis Hall
University of Louisville

Clash of the Cybercultures: The “Ugly American” Online
J. Michel Metz
University of Georgia

Prime Time Crime: Television’s Influence on Public Understanding of the Criminal Justice System
Richard Stack
American University

The Man Who Jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge: Steve Brodie And the Public/Private Persona
John Hanners
East Texas State University

“An Ornery, Pistol-Packing Woodswoman”: Anne La Bastille’s Woodswoman and Women and Wilderness
Gene McQuillan
Kingsborough Community College