The Journal of Popular and American Culture

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Volume 19: 2010

Table of Contents


GEN XY: Autobiography in the Age of Genomics
Gene McQuillan
Kingsborough Community College/The City University of New York

“I resolved to become a practical politician”: Women’s Partisanship in the 1850s
Terrianne K. Schulte
D’Youville College

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Christian Theology in the Media Age
Craig A. Baron
St. John’s University

New Voices, New Sounds, New Challenges: Actors and Acting in the Early Sound Era
Jason Davids Scott
Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

All of Mulberry Street Is a Stage: Representations of the Italian Immigrant Experience through Community Theater Performances of the Italian American Sceneggiata
Reba Wissner

In Verba Veritas: Representative Examples of Villain Speak from Literature and Film
Gary Earl Ross
University at Buffalo

“Big in Japan”: Orientalism in 1980s British Pop Music
Lorraine Yvette McCarty

Touching on Popular Culture: Bringing Ephemera into the Writing Classroom
Greg Marks
Hostos Community College of The City University of New York

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Earliest Filmmakers
Judy Beth Morris
Susquehanna University

Fantastic Mr. Fuller: A Review of Becoming Bucky Fuller [by Loretta Lorance]
Janna Eggebeen
University of Toronto

Icons of the Underdogs: A Review of Two Books
Jaime Eloy Rodriguez
St. John’s University

Eric Clapton in Concert, 2008: Reading in the First Person
Terrance Cox
Brock University