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Spotlight: Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association Awards

You may have noticed that two of the features published in this issue are designated as award winning. Kate Koppy’s “Old Wine in New Wineskins: Fairy Tale Pastiche on Film” is the recipient of the Ralph Donald Award for outstanding paper, and Samantha Przybylowicz’s “From Tess to Aileen: Gendered Rhetoric and Masculinization of Murderesses, 19th Century to Present” is the recipient of the Daniel Walden Prize for outstanding student paper.

To find out more about MAPACA Awards and the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association, please visit

Congratulations to all 2018/19 winners and nominees!

Volume 5, Issue 1

Also in this issue

An Ethics of Simultaneity in The Hours: Bergson, Cunningham, Daldry

Ann Gagné
University of Toronto-Mississauga

Legal Fiction: Hollywood’s Lucrative and Twisted Revisionist History

by William Murphy and Caylyn Ortiz
St. John’s University

Alternative Mental Models of Solar Systems in SF/Fantasy

Gregory Hallenbeck
Washington and Jefferson College
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