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Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2017

Response — Issue 2 Volume 1 (June 2017)

Leigha McReynolds and Mary F. Zawadzki
Copy Editor
Jason Davids Scott
Associate Editors/Peer Reviewers (2016-2017)
Brigitte Bogar, Pam Detrixhe, Thomas Grochowski, Meredith Guthrie, Colin Helb, Mark John Isola, Sarah Lichtman, Carlos Mamani, Jordan McClain, Amanda McClain, Mary Lou Nemanic, Mary Beth Ray, Marilyn Stern, Jennifer Erica Sweda, Metasebia Woldemariam
Content Strategy, Web Design and Development
Antonio Savorelli, Communikitchen
Volume 1, Issue 2

Issue features

Living Things (13:36, 2013)

Producer/Director: Jeremy Newman

IN REVIEW: The War Game Files

Kevin M. Flanagan, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh

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